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If you live in China or are passing through Yunnan, don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’d like to come trekking with us. We can organise anything from a couple hours walk to a three-week adventure and take you on the trip you’ve imagined. Alternatively, you are welcome to join us for a destination we already have planned.

Contact in China:
135 7788 7173 (dial 0 first when calling from a landline if you are not already in Yunnan Province)

The best photographs will never replace your own senses, a good giggle, or a delicious meal in Dali’s back streets. So if you’re passing through Yunnan, come by and see us!

We can introduce you to the team and show you maps we have on-hand and photos of our most recent explorations or those soon to take place. Who knows, we could even discuss treks we’ll take together... Trekking is, of course, first and foremost an interpersonal affair based on solid contacts.

If you are in the middle of an extended voyage through China or all of Asia, you may enjoy accenting it with climbing a few mountains or with the pleasure of of a long walk , far from the maddening crowd of tourist traps and bad hostels......
If you will only be in Yunnan for several days or weeks, all the more reason not to waste time on things we can do for you!

Beyond the handful of excursions you can fully do on your own (ascension if Yuju in Dali, day-hikes in Leaping Tiger Gorge to the north of Lijiang) but often amid a flood of tourists, Amiwa offers treks of an afternoon or two, depending upon where our guides can be found at the moment (usually in Dali if we are available).
The mountains on either side of Lake Erhai (Cansghan, Jizushan, etc.) offer quick access and immersion into nature once you’ve set out on the trail.
If time is on your side, why not consider an extended trek, such as the kora of the sacred mountain Kawa Karpo (Meili Xueshan) along a pilgrimage trail constantly walked by Tibetan Buddhists? Guaranteed immersion in Tibetan culture and spirituality! Plan for at least two weeks...
Other treks that you can take on your own from Yunnan in the direction of the Sichuan mountains are also among the numerous options available to open your inner horizons on a leisurely adventure into the wild...

Tell us your thoughts so that, together, we can plan where next you’re headed...

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