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A Short History of Amiwa
Friends from far and wide came together to share the joy of trekking in the Yunnan countryside, deciding to build new cultural bridges between the multiethnic regions of southwest China and hikers of all persuasions.

Amiwa has brought together Chinese, French, and Bai trekking aficionados who share their experiences – human, athletic, professional, cultural, and linguistic.

For five years now, members of the Amiwa team have journeyed across Yunnan and the rest of China, seeking out the trails that traverse the country.

Amiwa, or ‘a-miwa’, means ‘to look at the moon’ in Dali’s Bai dialect. Nights in Yunnan are so clear that hikers can easily see the moon and stars, and can sometimes even continue walking by their light. The agency’s Mandarin name is 月亮的路 – yue liang de lu –which means ‘the path illuminated by the moon’. At the core, this name translates our interest and joy in sharing simple moments of trekking and contemplation across the villages and landscapes along the trail.

Amiwa positions itself chiefly for those who love trekking, who love to climb for several hours, cross passes, hike along ridges, and pitch a tent for first row seats to the sunrise. With Amiwa organising a trip based on your ambitions and abilities, the physical factor should be no deterrent for you.

There’s nothing to fear: we do not aim to break records and we do not take excessive risks. Trips are custom-designed to meet your needs and expectations in a safe, trustworthy environment. Because, above all else, to walk is to live.

To contact us
You can either write us an email, give us a call at 0086 135 7788 7173 (Chinese mobile number) or reach us on Skype. Our Skype is "amiwatrek".

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