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A Human Adventure
We do not wish to linger too long over the human factor involved in both the agency and the treks that we organise: it is better experienced than described. But do know that it all began with fortunate encounters (coincidence rarely deserves the credit), solid friendships, and a real interest in the partners with whom we work, the clients we guide on the trails, and the men and women we discover along the way. Amiwa resolutely positions itself in a context of shared experience and development, both individual and collective, providing the best possible atmosphere for learning and exchange. Come see us and you will find these are not just idle words...

On the History page, you will find a brief description of our agency and some information on Our Partners.
Finally, if Yunnan’s culture is as rich and varied and its natural environment, it is thanks to the province’s great ethnic diversity; let us introduce you to some of the ethnic groups with whom we work.

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