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Various friends of the Amiwa team have shown an interest in accompanying us on our scouting treks. Amiwa spends a great deal of time checking known trails and even more time seeking out new ones. A love for trekking and discovery leads us to traverse several hundred kilometres each season.

If you are an experienced hiker, love to explore, and can deal with the unpredictable, you are welcome to join us on our "scouting treks".

Several months ago, we headed off for one month of exploration (32 days, to be precise) around Dali and the Mekong valley, toward the Tibetan northwest and its pilgrimages and the red mountains of Danxia de Liming, before winding things up with Haba mountain and the beautiful, noisy city of Lijiang...

Higherland Inn, trek, Dali, Yunnan, Chine